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Euro Americana Chart
p/a Crossroads Radio
Jos van den Boom
Zuidzijde Haven 55
4611 HC Bergen op Zoom

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Massimo Ferro
23 dagen geleden

Hi Jos,
I hope everything is fine there and please excuse me if I am disturtbing you.
Id like to suggest you a new voter for the EuroAmericana Chart: his name is Guido Giazzi and is not only a man with a huge experience and musical culture, but he is also the editorial director of an important musical magazine here in Italy.
Possibly you have heard the name of "Il Buscadero" in fact as they use to cover the same music of EuroAmericana Chart.
I gave Guido your email addresses so that maybe he will contact you personally too.
Anyhow, in case you are interested, you may write to ggiazzi@virgilio.it.
I hope you will consider my suggestion as it can enrich the list of contributors to the EAC and hope to read you soon.
Thank you so much for your kind attention and all the best.
Massimo Ferro